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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas in Tulsa

The girls had a great time at Mumsie & Grandaddy's house for our early Christmastime celebration. This year, they gave the girls Bumper Cars. They are hilarious - they drove them all over, whacked in to each other and drove in circles until they were dizzy.

Uncle Michael did his usual baby magic and played with Anderbuddy a bunch. It was a nice break for Stan and I... Here is Anders eating a carrot?

Why that's a mighty big carrot, you may be thinking. Well, that's food for the kids new pony.

Introducing Butterscotch. The girls didn't know what to play with first - the pony or the cars...

Anderson had a wonderful 1st Christmas - he made out like a "bandit," thanks to his super generous Mumsie & Grandaddy. Here he is playing with Mumsie.

Last but not least - here is Stan who is now in the DAWG HOUSE (you'll see why in the picture)!!!!!

Merry Christmas. May our dear Lord bless you all and keep you safe this season.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the bumper cars! We want to see video of them in action. Have a great Christmas.
Mike, Brandi and the girls

becky said...

Dog house because Stan gave Anderson a BidLight instead of Maredsous? or because he wasn't sharing with the other baby in the picture. You guys have very strict brew rules, gosh!