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Sunday, December 10, 2006

He Did It! He Did It (play the dora the explorer song in your head)!

Holy Moses, Stan just ran 26.2 miles! The girls and lilman hung in there while we drove around the loop.

Mile 5, Stan was happy, he saw us and ran to give the girls high 5's.

Mile 10 1/2, things were a little intense. He waved, faked a smile and kept going.

Mile 15, he swagged our way and said "hey."

Mile 21, he just had finished running uphill in Lakewood.

Grueling. Hard. Painful. Tiring and guess what, HE KEPT ON GOING. He still waved at us, but looked really, really tired. Finishline, absolutely ideal. He ran across. He waved at us, got wrapped up in tinfoil, doubled over and rested. He limped inside the AA Center, had a beer and was ready to go home. He feels good. No injuries. I am personally SO SO PROUD OF HIM!! There is nothing he can not do.

Enjoy the pics.


Finished the Hills

Finish Line

I did it, boooyeeeeeeee!


Mark, Wendy and Chloe. said...

Stan, you rock. White Rock in fact! Hope you can walk again soon.

jedi master said...

the force is strong with this one ; )

ChrissiB said...

You are totally awesome Stan!! Congrats!! You rock! :)