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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Not so sure....

MeeOhMy, it looks like we're selling our house and moving 3 blocks away.

Ainsley is all aboard as long as she can bring "Ellie, The Computer, the computer upstairs, my sheets."
But, she did make one interesting request.

Ainsley: Can we bring all three bandaid boxes?
Dad: Yes.
So, we can bring everything in the house?
Dad: Yes.
Ainsley: Can we bring the house?

Alexandra is not too thrilled with the thought.

Lexi: Mom, I like the trashcan in the new bathroom okay, but I don't like the sink. If we can take our sink, I'll go.

Lexi: Wait Mom! Henry is coming this summer, how will he know where to find us!?

Lexi: That house is brick! If we move to a brick house, I want it to be a 3-story brick house - like the one we looked at last year (an apt complex). Mom: Well, this house has a 3rd story in the attic. Maybe Daddy can make that a room. Lexi: Okay, if daddy makes it a 3 story brick house, we can go.

Lexi: Wait, wait, how are we going to have a playdate with Eleanor this summer? She'll go to the wrong house!

Lexi: Can we take our tree?

With all these questions, you'd think I'm not reassuring her with every breath. I am. But, she doesn't want to hear it at this point. So sad... It's hard for us, hopefully they'll like the new place as much as they looooove this house.

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becky said...

holy moly they're tough negotiators!
: )