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Friday, June 15, 2007


Summer got off to a busy and fun start. The girls finished 2 weeks of swimming lessons. BOTH of them can swim without floaties! Lexi is really doing well, she looooves to swim and swam her heart out for 2 weeks. Ainsley is doing great, too! Especially, considering last year she floated for two weeks straight without kicking her legs 1 time. Something clicked this year. She worked really hard too and couldn't wait each day to go!

Here they are getting ready to jump in and swim with their clothes on.

They teach them to do this incase they were to ever fall in by accident...

Here are the Queen Sillies "too tired to shop." We were dragging them around looking at paint colors... Pitiful. Picture doesn't show them running around like crazy animals playing hide and seek. Once we made them stop, they were too tired.

Here they are getting ready for the concert at Vacation Bible School. It was a cowboy theme this year. Here is Anders chasing them with a stick while posing for me. Here they are before the concert. Lexi made her own necklace so she could be fancy for the show. Ainsley sang and had a BALL during the performance. Ainsley looooves being a "cowboy princess!" So sweeeeet.

And just to make you smile...

Happy Summer!

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