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Friday, June 22, 2007

Ways to avoid cleaning your room 101


1. [Fake cry, limping into my room] Mom, I can't clean b/c I'm having growing pains.

2. [Fake cry] Buddy is brushing my hair, I can't move! He won't stop! Mom: Just stand up.

3. [Walks into my room] I can't clean b/c I'm thirsty.

4. [Screamy fake cry] I can't clean because Ainsley is not helping and it's frustrating meeeeee.

5. I'm so so so so so so so so tired.


1. [Walks into my room] Mom, I need to ask you something. Mom: Okay. Ainsley: When is November? Mom: 5 months from now. Ainsley: [Pause, looking around] What will we do in November? Mom: I'll tell you when your room is clean.

2. [Walks into my room, smiling, holding a ponytail holder] Mom, I can't clean b/c my hair is in my way [serious look at me].

3. [Fake screamy cry] Mom, I can't clean because I can't move my foot. Mom: Why?? Ainsley: I have a skeeto bite. It's Gigantic! So so big.

4. [Swinging from the bed rail, standing on a the corner of her doll bin] Hey Mom, I need to tell you something. [Looks up] Umm. [Looks to the side] Umm. [Looks at me, staring at her] I forgot.

5. I can't clean b/c my back hurts.

The End.

PS. All of this happened within a 35 minute time span.

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