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Monday, October 1, 2007

Texas State Fair

Wow, the girls had sooooo much fun. They loved the kiddie rides. Lexi wanted to do scary rides and she loved them! Ainsley's favorite is the Teapot & Teapcup. Anders got shorted, no rides for him. But he charmed one of the ladies at the Hoop Game and threw the ball in the basket over and over! We hadn't paid, but she gave him a prize for doing a good job. Little charmer. We all had a great time at the fair this year....
Dare Devil on the big kid slide!
Here is Gracie loving her tea cup!
Here he is flirting....
She gave him a puppy. He huggled it the rest of the time we were there...
Da boys.

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becky said...

that's one good looking family!