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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Good Idea that keeps on giving

I had the bright idea 3 years ago during summer. Alexandra was 3 & Ainsley was 1 and they made "TV Tokens" out of foam paper. They decorated them with stickers. I drew a TV on it and wrote their names on them. They each had 2 and gave me a token when they wanted to watch a program. Ever since that time, they are in the habit of turning off the TV after each program. Whether its a 2 hour Disney movie or a 20 minute program. But, we haven't used the tokens since that summer.

When I need to turn off the TV, I usually use my toe versus bend down to push the button. Keep in mind, I'm usually holding a sack of bricks (Anderson) and bending over is too much effort when my foot can do the same trick.

So now Anderson (16 months now), observing all that goes on around him, likes to turn off the TV with his foot. It's hysterical, it takes him a minute to hike his leg high enough when he could simply touch it with his finger.

This morning I was on the computer and Anderson was watching his 5 minutes of Baby Einstien (the only thing I can convince him to watch for a breif moment). All of a sudden, I hear the program turn off and loud stumbley feet got louder as he ran into the office and jumped on my lap. He sat there with me for a few minutes, I guess he decided he was done with Mommy Time, got off my lap, made a loud stumbley foot noise back to the TV room and turned the TV back on.

It's pretty funny to have a little being who can't talk, who mainly grunts and points and waves, be so matter of fact about what he wants to do. I love that he copies the girls in turning off the TV when he is done, whether it's with his foot or finger! :)

Here he is hiding from me. He climbs in the car, but goes to Ainsley's booster seat instead of his carseat. I guess if he can't see me, I can't see him!

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