Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

*Ainsley's* Piano Lesson

Ainsley [after she woke up one morning]: So, do Larry and Jay (our neighbors) know I'm taking piano?
Ainsley [on the way home from school]: Does Dr. Clifford (pediatrician) know I'm taking piano?
Ainsley [at home]: Do Ms. Bolano & Ms. Akin (school teachers) know I'm going to take piano?
Ainsley[driving to violin lessons]: Does Ms. Kathy (violin teacher) know I'm taking piano?

For two weeks, she didn't think about anything else. Finally, our piano teacher arrives.

Mom: Hi Mr. Billy, come in. This is Ainsley.... I turn and look and she is hiding under the table. I go and pick her up and everything came out, she cried and cried and cried. I sat on the bench with her, she would not look at Mr. Billy or touch the piano, but she listened to every word he said and watched EVERYTHING while her head was nuzzled in my neck.

When he left, she looked at me right away and said, "Mommy, I really want to take piano, I was just scared." Ugh, I love her so much.

For the next week everyday after school (or in the car on the way home) she'd remind me we have to practice. She worked every day at her 4 songs and would play long after I got up.

Well, today Mr. Billy came again and we tried to prepare, mentally. He arrived and she asked me to hold her, I did but then I sat her on the bench and walked away. He kept looking at me with big eyes (I was hiding behind the bookcase thingy). "Wow, Ainsley, I can tell you've been practicing!"

Later he told me during the lesson she read every note and was very very focused.

Sweet girl, she is so excited to have something just for herself. She informed Lexi if she wanted to borrow her piano book, she'd have to wait until she was done!

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