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Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Lists

Anderson's List (from Ainsley)
- Toy Shark
- A little teddy bear
- A toy house [we have one] That's okay.
- A balloon
- A toy yoyo waterballoon ball
- 3 cats, i know how to spell cat and i know how to make them

- A toy jump rope

Anderson's List (from Lexi)
- Some lovies
- A toy Rocket Ship
- A toy Bulldozer
- A toy frog that can actually hop
- You know that Kangaroo pen that can actually punch (gesture included), he'd like some more of those.

Anisley's List
- A toy frog that can actually hop
- A toy horsie. [Ainsley, you have many of these! ] NO, I have ponies!
- A wind-up car
- A kid jump rope that is not too long.
- A digit. [what is that?] A number that can move.
- A toy Matt, he's in Cyberchase
- A toy Cuckoo Clock
- A toy Vaccum Cleaner
- A ship
- A toy Rump Rope [a jump rope?] No! A RUMP rope, it doesn't move. Just the kids move. And the kids use it to make a trick.
- A toy airplane
- That's it!

Alexandra's List
- I don't know, I'm going to let him decide.

THANK GOODNESS the girls don't remember everything. By the time we get down to writing this down in The Letter, surely they will have forgotten about some of their original ideas....

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becky said...

lovies? i'm scandalized! i thought those were the "ladies" walking down fitzhugh. egads.