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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Action

Merry Christmas!

We had a fun one this year. Even though poor Anderson has been throwing up and not feeling well. :( He seemed to ralley on Christmas morning. Our day was full of activity as you will see.

This was the only quiet moment, right before they ran downstairs....

Here is one happy girl who reeeally wanted Julie's Bed.
Santa is amazing. She was so so happy.
Between that and her new DS, she was occupied allll day long.

Let me introduce to you, by far, the busiest person in the house!
He cleaned and then cleaned and then he cooked and then he cleaned some more.
Fixed some plumbing, put all the batteries in, ran all the errands... Fun, fun...

Here is the wild man - DUCK (seriously)!
He got himself a real "dub dope" (telescope) finally. He loves it! Way better than all the paper ones he makes constantly....
He may be the first in the family to ride a bike, too! Cutie patooty.

Here is our sweetie pie, loving on "the doll she has always wanted."

Daddy helped Ainsley learn her new PetShop DS game and now she is hooked.
Now we're to the most entertaining moment of all!! Mom and Kenneth bought us Wii Dance Dance Revolution! Wooo, hoo!
Play Boogie Nights in your head.....

Here are the hard workers, taking a temporary break. Okay, now get up! Today Ken and Stan are going to install a toilet and under cabinet lighting. Mom, myself and the girls are going to watch the Texas Ballet perform Nutcracker. I think everyone is okay with that arrangement.

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