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Monday, September 6, 2010

School has begun! PK4, 1, 3, 3L

We are starting our 3rd week of school. Things have been going well for us on the home front. Although, Stan has been insanely busy. Sick. Tired. And having to put on a pretty face since he has been in full blown interview season. One week of 14 interviews and now going on his 3rd week of mulitiple 3 to 4 hour followup interviews. Needless to say, Cisco has been thrilled with his schedule. But, things are starting to calm down for him a bit. Whew.

Here they are on their first day of school. Lexi curled her hair for the occasion. Daddy was getting ready for an interview.

Here is our school room this summer. Before we moved in.

Here it is after we invaded. This picture was taken after we were done for the day, but Alexandra decided to write me a secret note.

The days have been pretty smooth. Anderson works sooo hard. He says, "Mom, do you want me to work on my letters?" He loooooves mazes and he has been doing a lot of sorting, cutting and patterns... And his favorite thing is to use the dry erase markers to write his letters, over and over... Sometimes he'll stop working and go to the otherside of the room and play. He has been very patient and cooperative and I actually think he is learning a little bit. Although he did say, "Mom, can you get me something harder?" So, I'll probably step it up a bit with him here soon...

Ainsley has been working extremely hard. She does not love handwriting but she is not giving up and she is really trying hard. She is learning her cursive, she is doing super fab in Math and Science. She is amazing at her "memorization" piece each week. And she is remembering all of her latin words! I'm so proud of her. She is happy as a clam. All about staying home with Mommy. And, I only made her cry, once! :( Sorry bunny.

Alexandra is also doing great. She told me, "Mom, this homeschooling thing is working out just fine." ;) I love her feedback, good or bad. She is working very hard. She finishes everything super fast so I'm working on giving her loads of writing. I'm trying to help her with paragraph structure, sentence diagraming and how to write an expository story (informative, not fiction)... Just to give her some guidance that she can then run with. I was having a hard time keeping her busy but now I seem to be getting my groove. She loves the Science Program we're doing and she is also doing super fab at Math, Latin, Memory and Book Reports. My sweet smart little girl. Love her.

For a while, I told folks if I can't do this they will be back in school 2nd semester! But, I think I can def do this for a year.... It's so fun to be with them. Work with them, learn about them even MORE. Our schedule is fabulous! We do school Tues thru Fri for half days. Monday we take a field trip. In the evenings, we do all our extra activities. Things really are a bit more peaceful this way. We're not married to the clock. Speaking of, after all the heat, we got a huge rain storm one morning. So, we locked up the dogs, opened all the doors and listened to the rain. They ran outside and danced and sing in the rain like silly kids. It was so sweet that we were not in any rush to bring them back inside to get into the car and go to school. The schedule part is nice.

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