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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We've been adopted?

Yesterday was a normal morning. The dogs woke me up wanting to go outside, I stumbled downstairs and let them out. Then all of a sudden, Lincoln goes completely insane and I had to go get him so he didn't wake up our whole house and the neighbors. As I was being ignored by him, I got closer to see a cat *on it's back* scared to death of this giant chocolate noise maker!

I dragged him back inside and woke Stan up. There was a little kitten who looked injured, clearly scared to death stuck on our property - how he got in our fortified back yard is still a question. But, the kitten is probably 2 weeks old and still very small so somehow she squeezed thru.

Here is Stan crawling around trying to get this little critter! We finally captured her and put her in a box then a crate and took her to the front porch b/c the dogs reeeeally wanted to go back outside and get that cat!

Here she is slurping up milk - not sure if you are supposed to give cats milk or not??

So, now here are Stan and I talking.....

"What do we do with this thing?"

"Should we tell the kids? Of course, we have to, they'd love to hold a little kitten."

"I wonder if Lathan and Michelle would take it? Maybe Becky...! Here, let's text them."

The kids wake up and stumble downstairs....

"We have a surprise for you." We explain what happened as their eyes grew bigger and bigger...

"But, we can NOT keep the cat! Does everyone understand?" They all nod... "You can go look at it but we have to find it a home ASAP. No cats here!"

Those little demon children said, "of course Moooom, we know THAAAAT.......... WHERE IS IT?!?!?!!?"

"On the front porch...."

"Mom, she is pretty!"

"Mom! We can call her Mittens because all 4 of her feet are white!" Great, the thing has a name now....

We got them dressed and they wanted to hold, "Mitzy...."

So, Becky brought Mittens some food. Aunt Shellie came to the rescue and offered to take Mittens for us, but since they have lost 2 cats in a year b/c of the wild animals where they live, Mitzy was sure to meet certain death and the kids know this.....

So, at this point, we opened the crate to let her roam free, if she stays, we'll feed her, we figured... Well, the cat apparently is NOT stupid and has not budged from our front porch!

She runs up and down the steps, hides under the bushes, sits in the little crevice of the flower pots and generally has a pretty good time entertaining herself. So, I guess we have an OUTDOOR cat named Mittens. She may also get injured and die from the cars on our busy corner or a wild animal in Munger Place - I know they are around because they are always breaking into our Dog Food. Oh, what to do....

But the kids just looooove her so much. I'm making them wash their hands every time they touch her. Not sure how long this is going to last...

Anyway, we now have a zoo. Our own little Lewis Family Zoo. 2 dogs, 3 fish, 1 cat and almost 4 kids. It's a zoo alright! Life is good.

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