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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scary and Fun Fall

We have had our ups and downs this Fall Season...

- Volleyball season ended. But it was a great experience and Alexandra LOVED every part of it.

- Anderson got super sick. Bad bad virus.

- Our Psychotic neighbors stole our cat. Yes, you read that correctly. They took her, sent her off so she would not be an Outside Cat.... I better not keep typing about this or things will get ugly.

- Halloween was super fun, although Anderson was still recovering. But he did trick-or-treat for one block and came home. Girls had a GREAT time and I have very much appreciated all the chocolate sneaking opportunities I have had since they brought their loot home. Well, it's not me, it's the baby that's happy about it...

- We had our last Ice Skating Lesson.

- Homeschooling is crusing along very nicely. My favorite remark of the last two weeks is this,
"Mom! I just noticed that all the History, Latin, Religion, our Language, Handwriting and the books we are reading all relate to each other! Did you realize that Mom? All the maps we read are in the same region and the timeframes are all similar. It's so cool...!"
Y'all know I could not stop smiling.Who says my customized Classical Study plan would not work!!!! :D

This was my very sick little boy at the doctor. Basically, it was typical virus but he ended up having a fever for several days that meds, baths and various things could not break. It was so sad. In fact, it has taken him a few days to heal, even after he started feeling better. This was a bad one and was tough to see him so sick.

Here are my scary trick-or-treaters! Then a crazy animal tried to come eat them!

Here are my cuties at their last Ice Skating Lesson. All 3 got sooo much out of these lessons. If it wasn't such a schedule hog, I would continue these lessons... But, I think we are going to stop. We'll see how we feel come January.

"Y'all come here - let me take her picture!"

"Okay, you can go skate now..." :)

Happy November everyone!

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