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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Am I lazy or busy?

Okay, both. But mainly a good mixture of Preggo Laziness mixed with Homeschool Busy. So, here is my Blog Catchup! We've been up to all kinds of Fall Activities. But here are some highlights....

I love Anderson's hair long, but we decided to get his hair cut. He LOVES to go to Sports Clips because those ladies are sooo sweet to him.

Gdad came in town to buy a house! Gma and Gdad now live in Rockwall. Here is Gdad reading the boys Spiderman!
Alexandra picked a recipe out of my Cuisine at Home mags and decided she wanted some Pork Ribs! She made the rub and did the entire thing by herself. I cut them up for her. Ainsley reeeeally wanted to make "the side." So she made a list of fruit, I was sent to the store to get them and she made Fruit Kabobs! It was one yummy dinner.

Alexandra insisted on "plating the food." We've been watching a lot of 'Chopped!'

While making lunch, Ainsley wanted me to take a picture of her bell pepper that was heart shaped "so she could remember it forever!"

Here is Lexi's Magnetics creation - they play with these while I cook dinner....

Our Favorite friends of all time came in town!!! Yay!! Lori, Michael and Avery. Here are the kiddos watching the ducks... We had such a fantastic time. I sooo wish they lived in Dallas. Anderson WORSHIPS Michael.

Here is a busy day at school. In the middle of the day, the kids have started running laps! TEN! Down the front steps, they go left and around to the side porch. Each of them really works up a sweat doing these laps. I've been coming up with a game to play with them in the front yard after the laps. Moving Statues and Chimp Race. They love it... Anyway, during the laps, Anderson has fallen THREE times and torn up his knees. They were so bad I bet they'll be lifetime scars. But, here he is "resting his knees" while coloring.... Poor baby.

Here is Aunt Shelly watching Emma play Pin-the-hat-on-the-Turkey! We had a great Thanksgiving with Lathan, Michelle, Gma and Gdad.
Stan already has our lights up and I have a head start on Christmas shopping this year! Merry Christmas Season and Happy Wintertime!

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