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Friday, January 7, 2011

Ready for School

What a week we have had. It was very emotional for all of us. The girls were very excited to get started at St. Thomas Aquinas. We have their closet and dresser and vanity all organized. They loooove their uniforms and no one on this planet loves their uniforms more than ME. The girls are jumping out of bed in the mornings excited to get ready. Wonder how long this will last...

Ainlsey Grace's first week was incredible. Mrs. Wendorf, the Barbie Doll teacher who apparently is the "toughest 1st grade teacher" but the children don't know because they love her so much. Sure enough, Ainsley cannot stop talking about her. Seriously, Ainsley already LOVES her. Mrs. Wendorf emailed me the first day in the middle of the day just to tell me how great Ainsley was doing. Ainsley has made several friends all ready and kind of the rock star of 1st grade because she is the new kid. She is having sooo many good and happy feelings. She tells me how the kids are chasing her on the playground and about all her new friends. Soo much fun. If nothing else she has had a fabulous start! Plus, the teacher has told how smart she is and put her in the hardest reading group. This makes Ainsley feel soooo good, OF COURSE! Mommy and Daddy, too. :)
Alexandra is also having a smooth, happy ans wonderful start. I am already fielding playdate requests. She loooves her locker, I bought her some cool stuff for it and she has it all organized. Her teacher also emailed me the first day in the middle of the day to tell me how great everything was going. She is working hard on all the work and just loves this big kid atmosphere. She is doing great with the school work and she is loving so many different aspects so far. I'm really glad she is having the good feelings since I think leaving White Rock Montessori was hardest on her. She has a picture of her friends in her locker from WRM just so they can still be with her. Sooo sweet! Here is my little sweetheart.

Thanks to all the St. Thomas Aquinas mom's for all the emails, invitations and open arms. All of the attention has made our first week wonderful. Thank you, thank you! Thanks also for all my friends and White Rock mom's for checking in with me all week long making sure we are okay. I love all my WRM friends so much.

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