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A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break part Dallas

Daddy studied all week to prepare for the Ethics part of the Bar.  He took the test on Saturday.  So glad that part is over for him.

When we got back from Tulsa, we got busy cleaning and reorganizing.  Getting ready for a Spring Clean Garage sale coming up... The kids worked hard!

Here was Lexi helping Ainsley Grace set her watch.  They are soo sweet together more often than not.
 After cleaning, then came the FUN parts for the kids. 

Ainsley Grace got invited by her super sweet friend Jewell to take a mini road trip and go to the Tyler Zoo!  She took a ton of amazing photographs on our friends camera.  I'm going to order the prints they were so good.  She saw a White tiger and had a GREAT time.

Anderson got to have a Faux Sleepover!  His buddy James came over and played and hung out - then they put their jammies on and watched a movie.  After the movie, we walked him home.  Both boys were SO happy! 

Miss Alexandra and Ainsley Grace got to have a sleepover swap.  I had the big girls our friend took the younger girls.  Clare and Lexi had a ball being together. The girls curled their hair and played with the baby.... Whit didn't seem to mind one bit!

  Here he is in an American Girl doll dress that Gma crocheted for the girls....  Mean girls. ;)

 Then after the friend time, it was getting closer to birthday time....  Someone we know and love was about to turn ONE.  But before birthday festivies could take place, we had to go shopping for pressies....... 

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