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A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Alexandra performed in her class play.  She did a spectacular job.  She was "Meg" from Little Women.  The character suited her.  Here is a description of Meg from Wiki:  "As the oldest, Meg runs the household when her mother is absent. This includes trying to keep her sisters from arguing, and they sometimes accuse her of lecturing them too much."  I think the Drama teacher knew what she had on her hands.   Gma and Gdad got to come to her class play, she was so happy.    

Here she was goofing off before her play... 

She woke up Saturday morning the week before her play feeling very sick, sore throat.  I had her just rest and told her to hang in there, if she was still bad by Monday, we'd take her to the doctor.  Ugh, I should have taken her in right away.  By the time Monday rolled around, she had pneumonia and strep throat.  She felt horrible.  I did too. :(  She got better pretty quick once we got her on the right meds.

Alexandra is such a sweetheart.  She is growing up so fast it's hard to comprehend sometimes.  Life is just so fast.  She is one funny child.  We laugh allll the time.  It's really fun to be around her, it will be very hard one day when she leaves.... I'm so grateful though for my time with her until she sets out on her big journey.  I'm savoring my moments with her already.  7 more years.  Wow.

Here is her new favorite hairdo - the backwards french braid with a bun on top... Love it!  And here she is with some of her friends.  Adorable girls they are.  Sweet group. 

I asked her to hold up this shirt so I could take a picture to send to a friend, but she would not get her big head out of the way!  Her and AG had to get in there... They are fun shopping partners.

Here we are eating while AG was at a birthday party.  She and her brothers are loud.

  We decided to take picture but then start cracking up.... I love my little character.  Oldest sister.  Generally in charge.  My little funny elf. Muah.

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