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Friday, November 15, 2013

Scary Dressup

Halloween festivities had some fun additions this year.  It all started with Alexandra's 6th grade rising party.  They had a halloween party this year and guess who came in town to scare the kids?!  That's right, Mumsie and Graddaddy grabbed the trailor full of props and headed to Dallas.  

How scary is THIS?  AG was warding the kids off from the Old Hag's house until it was dark enough to shuffle them thru the haunted tent.  It was great fun.  THANKS SO MUCH for doing this for her!  I hope y'all recovered.

Here is Mumsie and Graddaddy taking pictures in the photobooth before the show.  Funny.

The real Halloween finally came around.  Here is my little crew.  Whitaker refused to put a costume on.  UNTIL he found the candy cauldron and spottend "pops!"  So he aggreed to wear his costume for a lolipop.   Good trade, I guess.

 Of course it's always risky inviting friends over to our house on Halloween.  Because they always have to contend with this!  He scared a lot of kids this year, although he also got asked to take a lot of pictures with kids.  Mixed bag fo sho. This looks like a scared princess to me.  Why he is perched at the bottom of the stairs I have no idea.... He really does scare ME.

Of course all Hallows Eve is followed by All Saints.  Anderson was super adorable as St. Vincent DePaul.

Here is some scary dressup.  Lexi went to her buddy's bday party.  They went to the mall and played dressup.  Do these look like teenagers or WHAT?  The little vandals got their TP gear on again.... We already got paid back, again!  Although Stan totally busted them this time!  Hah!

Here is some dressup that's WON'T scare you.  Ainsley Grace was Cinderella in her class play.  ADORABLE she was.

Here we are at our friends wedding all dressed up.  Not too scary.

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