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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Broken foot, broken pipes, broken tire

It's been quite a week. Last 7 days have been full of moments.  First, I opened a $757 water bill which led us to a broken pipe discovery.  Then come to find out that broken pipe was a metal pipe which is a big nono.  So, we get to install a new plumbing line into the house.

Whitaker also broke the top of his foot while bringing me straws in the kitchen. I didn't see the fall, but he fell and screamed like no other scream has ever been.  Sure enough, he has a wrinkle/buckle fracture on the top of his left foot. 

However, with the boot, Whitaker doesn't even act like he has a broken foot.  I think he forgot.

 Then, we were running errands when I hit a large piece of metal going down I75.  Here is what it did to my tire.  Ugh.  Scary.  Pain.

On a more positive note, Anderson got to bring home the Berry Nice Bear.  He loved it.

Lexi has been busy this fall, one of her new favorite sports is cross country.  She has loved the training and the meets.  She has been playing basketball, cheering, volleyball.  She has had a lot of fun this fall.

All this activity did catch up to her the other night.  She fell asleep at 6pm.  SIX!  My night owl.  She slept a yummy 13 hours.... Was so sweet.
 Whit got a rug city.  He took the cars that came with it.  Drove them all over the town.  Made several stops.  Then turned the cars on their side for their nap.  Pretty much sums up Whitakers life. 

 We got some TP payback.  Poor skellie....  So funny.  Good times.

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