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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Field Trip and Ice Storm

Ainsley Grace's class took a field trip to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and sang Christmas Songs for the crowd.  I got to be a chaperon, and I was sooo excited.  Gma babysat while I snuck away (THANK YOU GMA!!)   It is a wonderful library.  A moving experience.  We are lucky to have this in Dallas.

Mrs. President.

 We had 2 "snow" days because of the craziest Ice Storm.  We were all safe but it was scary.   The roads were bad and while we were trying to get home, I walked into a flower pot and feel like I broke my shin.  Alexandra slipped and scraped her entire side body.  The dogs were jumping for joy as we pulled up then Roosevelt slipped on the ice and limped for a whole day.  Then, I realized I was out of diapers and wet wipes. Stan did make it home safely w our Christmas tree, finally. But back out to Walgreens he went!  
 When he returned, he had diapers, wipes and whiskey.  So it seems roads not THAT bad.

The house was so cold, here are the boys getting warm under a blanket sitting on top of the heater vent. And here are the girls with some sweet friends over the break....

 Here was Jack's present for his birthday.  Super cute. 

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