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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Laziness, penance and a zoo trip

Summertime is so much fun.  No guilt laziness.  We have spent a ton of time at the pool, movies, mall, bed dwelling, running errands and watching TV.  Even Roosevelt is tuckered out.  One day we were at the pool and the weather has been so mild in Dallas, they had to bring sweatshirts for when they got out of the water.  Yes, SWEATSHIRTS in July/August in Dallas!  Unheard of.  LOVED IT.

For penance for all the laziness(not COMPLETELY guilt free...), we went on a 3 mile jog/walk/park stop.  They are so cute.  Even with the whining... They did great.

Alexandra loves to ride her bike to the library for us.  She drops off and does our pickups.  She loves the freedom.  I love GPS on iPhone! 

 We took Whitaker to his very first Zoo trip!  As you would guess, he LOVED it.  But the train ride stole the show!  He fell asleep within 5 minutes of being buckled up.  We will go back sooooon.


He got dressed up and was told to repeat, "I'm a beast, I'm a beast!"

Summer is slipping away from us.... But the kids have been resting and playing.  All is good.

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