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Saturday, July 26, 2014

North Carolina

We picked up the girls from the Pines and started our giant road trip to NC from there.  We stopped at Lori's in Memphis on the way, it was so good to stop and see her and her incredibly beautiful kids.  After Memphis, we headed straight to Asheville, NC.  We stayed at an AirBNB place, a strange trailor on the back of a young couple's property.  It was good enough accommodations for the price.  The big bonus was they had wild raspberries, black berries and wine berries the kids got to pick and eat.  They also had a long tree swing that was very difficult to get Anderson off of.  He loved it. And they saw wild bunnies! It was a quirky overnight but fun.  

We went into downtown Asheville for a burger and a beer and walked around the town square for a little bit. It's a really neat place.  I can see why it's a spot to mark off the list.  The mountains were gorgeous!  GORGEOUS!  
Here are the kids playing Boccie Ball.  Whit did not quite get how it worked.  Funny.

 We drove through Blue Ridge Parkway.  And eventually made our way to sliding rock.  We had a major detour as their was a motorcycle accident on these windy roads.  Go figure! :(

After sliding rock, we made our way to Carolina beach.  The kids had a ball playing in the sand!  They all have tans and were worn out riding the waves...


We had some family pictures taken while were were there. They turned out so good we were so excited to have family pictures as it has been probably 10 years since we had them made!  We haven't received the pictures yet but our fabulous photographer sent these to us as a preview. :-)

Whitaker's favorite part of the pictures was the candy and toys when we was finished!

After the beach we made one more stop on our way back to Dallas.  A mandatory road side stop!  LOVED IT! 

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