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A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Through the pink smoke

The last two weekends have been a really fun time.  Our friends invited us to stay at their lake house and play....  They are so sweet to open their home to our giant family, we are forever grateful for the fun times we have had.  The kids wakeboarded, played hoops, horseshoes, we grilled, set off fireworks, saw an AMAZING Texoma fireworks show, and we laughed.  A lot.  Great memories!  Simple fun times...  And, yes, that's an Amphicar.  CRAZY to see in person!

After the first weekend out at Texoma the kids did a wakeboard camp.  They LOOOOVED it.  It was such an extra cool place.  All 3 finally got up!  Really fun for them.  Stan made it out the last day and got to show off and attempt some tricks.  He loved it too.  That got them ready for wakeboarding the next weekend.  

This was Lexi going to the end, she crashed on this video but after the first day she was going round and round even though the very last turn tripped her up sometimes.  

The boys play a lot of hoops at our friends house.  The dad's finally got in on the action.  Stan had some good ballet poses! ;)  Ha!!  Of course the pogo stick got daddy into full swing!  He and the kids staged a fireworks/smokebomb/pogo show!  LOL!!!!!!!  

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