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Friday, July 31, 2015

AG and Decats, drinking water, summer of biking

AG was the moderator for her Improv class at Decats this year.  She did such a great job, she is an excellent public speaker!  And she loves improv.  It was an awesome way to wrap up Decats this year.  They also do a big service project and this year they raised enough money for a well of water in Ongutoi.  The pictures are fantastic.  I'm so proud that this group was responsible for this well of fresh drinking water.



Here is a cute pic of AG and some of her sweet school friends.  She showed up late to meet us at the pool and these girls surrounded her happy to see her!

 This summer could easily be called the summer of biking!  The older three have started taking their bikes all over the place.  I track them from their phone.  They ride to go get Popsicles from Steel City Pops, go to the grocery store for me, go to CVS or just ride around for fun.  Whitaker can't stand it and really wants to go with them.  Here he is trying to get biking down.  The BIG pics of Anderson and Lexi are from a trip they took to Trader Joes. 

Sweet boys being crazy. 

AG has been baking this summer.  This recipe was SOOOO GOOD!!!! We made ourselves sick eating them all.  

 But, after all the volleyball work outs, biking, they also do agility training.  Here they are trying to work out the summer laziness!  Then we came home and made big salad.  Then a couple hours later at a big Pizza.  Ha! But still, at least they got some veg.

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