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Thursday, July 23, 2015

catching up!

Oh my, so my computer ran out of space so i could not upload my pictures.  THEN my phone ran out of space.  Stan was too busy to fix so I was stuck in a log jam that was VERY stressful.  But, alls well that ends well, I am back in business!  Thanks, to my personal Geek Squad.

Summer got kicked off to a great start.  Swim lessons with Mrs. Carol.  Whitaker did great overcoming his fear of water in his face... She is so good pushing them through the little things.  It was fun to see her again.  Mrs. Carol was shocked how big the other 3 were.  She has taught all of them since they were babies.... I missed her the last couple of years.

We got busy doing some summer shopping, playing legos, swimming and of course Vacation Bible School.  We all had a great time, altho we missed Ainsley Grace - she did Decats again this year and had a fantastic time.

Anderson wanted me to play Legos with him. He had a bad guy w machine gun. Some dead guys, armless, headless. I made a house with flowers and then he stuck the laser on top. Then I found a chalice! So I made an alter, host and the chalice with a bald Father John/Harry potter. In case the bad guy wants to repent! Last Rites offered for dead dudes. ‪#‎dontaskmomtoplaylegos‬

 VBS was a blast this year.  Such great memories...  

And, I must include this picture.  As our dining chair collapsed underneath me, instead of comforting me, my daughter rushed and grabbed my phone to take a picture. What the hell kind of monsters am I raising!?! LOL. It is a funny picture tho!

And this dead dragonfly was on our front chair.  It was like 4 inches or more long.  Really beautiful!

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