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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Jack!

Our favorite boy cousin has turned 1. It was a super fun party. Great food, fabulous decorations and more toys than should be allowed. The girls couldn't wait to see their "Aunt Shellie" (take from Cinderella - they worship her) and their "Uncle Silly." Anderson couldn't wait to hang out with his buddy Jack. I can only imagine the birthday parties these two will share over the years... We ended up staying 5 hours. Is that okay???? Yikes. Anderson had a nice looooong nap and the girls couldn't get enough of the attention. Jack, the main man stayed awake the entire party! Pretty impressive for a first bday party. I have never seen him so happy! He really seemed to know it was all about him! Here is the big bugalug eating his cake!

Mammy & Roro were the perfect audience getting it all captured. It's good to start early getting used to the paparatzi...

Mammy from this moment on will now be known as Super Mammy (I'm working on getting her a cape...). She assembled every toy Jack received. She babysat Jack the entire party so mommy & daddy could play host. She took pictures and then cleaned up. Oh and she beamed the whole time b/c Jack kept charming her.

Hey look - Uncle Silly can smile!! :D

Happy 1st Birthday Jack!

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