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Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's all down hill from here

So many things happening for our family right now, it's hard to capture it all. One biggie is Anderson starting Kindergarten. He was so ready and wanting to start, but his nerves really got ahold of him. I appreciated how STA gave the Kinderkids a chance to go for 2 hours the day before the big day. After camp, he felt great. Whew... I can't believe he is in school everyday now.... Here he is before and after his haircut. Summer hair gone, school boy hair, hello!

Look at these sweet kids. They were fired up to go. They all really had a great week - Ainsley Grace and Lexi both LOVE their new teachers! That is such a good feeling.

Here is the sweetest 4th grader on the planet. She no longer wears a jumper. Just a skirt and saddle oxfords. Now she has gym clothes that she changes into for PE. Wow. Her teacher is a fabulous lady and Lexi has already fallen for her. Her teacher's son is a Monk and is sharing such beautiful stories with the class... This is going to be a fabulous year for her.

Ainsley Grace wanted a "real ballet bun" for her first day. She is so excited for her 2nd grade year. She is the big kid at the school because the campus she is on is for PK thru 2nd. You should see her binder and everything she has to keep organized. It seems too old for her... But, she is doing it beautifully already!

Here he is, the big Kindergartner. He already came home with two stickers for being quiet when others were talking. He told the teacher, "my mommy says I'm a very good artist." The teacher agreed that he was. He loves his batman backpack and his super cool lunch box. I already did Lunch Duty once and he was such a good boy. LOVE HIM!

The first week of school is over and all went well. It should be smooth sailing this year.

Here is Stan on his first day of his last year of Law School. Seriously. I can hardly type it without glazing over.... Wow. You are almost there honey.

Nuff said.

Whit says, "peek a boo!!!" ;-)

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