Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Thursday, September 8, 2011


So, the day of Anderson's Kinder Camp, I took the kids to Luby's for lunch. They had never been in or seen a cafeteria before. It was so extremely funny I wish Stan could have been there to hear all of the remarks. We were quite a sight in that line, I'm dragging the baby down the line in the carrier b/c he was asleep. I was barking at the kids, MAKE A DECISION! Mom, our meal comes with Jello!!!! Fine, you can have it - pick the color, blue or green! Oh the decisions... Mom, we get a roll!! Ainsley Grace got two sides of Mashed Potatoes. They exclaimed, "Mom, this place is great. It is really impressive." They would not stop talking about the place the ENTIRE LUNCH. I love my kids....

There are many things that impress me. This one was a biggie, my friend Laura gave me this for my 40th birthday present. It was called "40 Adjectives for Dawn." Sweetest most thoughtful gift EVER. Should I... Why, YES! These were her adjectives for me. Obviously I ate this up!
Witty, Stylish, Creative, Silly, Organized, Unique, Empathetic, Intelligent, Republican, Unsinkable, Nutty, Enthusiastic, Magnetic, Loyal, Brave, Successful, Maternal, Godly, Interesting, Fantastic, Godmother, Fun, Involved, Friendly, Comfortable, Unstoppable, Faithful, Thoughtful, Wonderful, Sensitive, Encouraging, Beautiful, Glorious, Refreshing, Gentle, Zany, Funky, Authentic, Warm, Outgoing

Here is the Kung Fu Master finally in his element....! Even the teachers are impressed with his skills!

Here is Mr. Mo sitting up for 30 seconds before he tumbles over. CUTE and impressive!

This tasty Hot Fudge Sunday from McDonald's only costs a buck. It's pretty impressive...

I can push all the buttons and bite everything on my wonderbug. I'm impressed with myself!

On a serious note, this is one of my dear friends out celebrating my 40th with me. She is one of the strongest, beautiful, funny, smartest people I know. She has been living and surviving with Cancer and has recently had a re-occurrence. We are about to have a fundraiser for her to help her through this next fight. Please. Pray. For her.

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