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Friday, September 30, 2011

Living for Lisa

As you know, Lisa Burns has lived with Stage 4 breast cancer for the last 5 years. She discovered her metastasized breast cancer in her 8th month of pregnancy with Sofia. Such an extreme tragedy would bring almost anyone down.

Lisa has been though a lot in the last five years. She faces on and off strict diets, she exercises almost every day, and she continues to have her port for her difficult and non-stop chemotherapy treatments. She does all this on top of taking care of her family. In spite of all of this, she maintains her smile, spirit and her laugh. Lisa is a true inspiration to many of us who know her and get to spend time with her.

Lisa's scheduled body scans had slowed in frequency since she had been beating all odds and has been healthy. However, this summer she knew her breathing was not right. She suspected something might be happening with her cancer and insisted on being scanned again. Sure enough, she knew her body and there had been some activity.

Lisa is pursing a Clinical Trial that is in phase 2. However, breast cancer is not available in this study right now, so in order to pursue the clinical trial, she will have to pay out of her pocket.

Those of us who love Neil and Lisa and sweet Sofia want to help support her in her new hunt for a treatment. There is only 1 option for Lisa and that is Living. We have started a "Living for Lisa" fund and we hope that you will support her as much as you can. Thank you for your help and consideration.

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