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Monday, October 10, 2011

Helpers, Skills and Royal Mail

I tell people all the time just how wonderful it is to have a baby with an 8 and 9 year old girl and a 5 year old little boy who was desperate for another boy in the family. To say I have help doesn't capture all that they do. We are a team and I can tell you, we get things done. All the while, laughing and having a great time. Yes, the kids fight. Yes, my house gets VERY messy and there is a general hum of noise at all times. But, all and all, things are so nice having such great helpers. All 3 of them are sooo good with the baby. I love my little helpers.

Ainsley Grace wrote me this note to help me remember to NOT pack their lunches that day since they were buying lunch. Last time they bought I had packed their lunch by accident. I love it that they have my back!

Here is Little Whittle helping me with Green Team. Sort of.... He stayed very busy in that box while I worked...

Here is Anderson "babysitting" while I ran and did stuff....

Here is the team hanging out waiting for a table for lunch. We pass the baby around like he is a doll.... It's very helpful.

These laborers are skilled! Check out these hula hoop skills - they play outside while waiting for carpool to show up!

After Ali and Kim visited, a couple weeks later we got a package from England. Alasdair and Kim sent the kids the most sour candy in the world. Apparently they had had a conversation with the kids telling them about the MOST sour candy that existed. Kim told them they had never had sour this sour. They NOW believe her.... The package sent via "Royal Mail" and Anderson kept asking, Mom, where is that King's Package???

Thank you Kim and Ali!!

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