Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blood, Boy friends and Uncle Michael

Lexi had her 'I'm turning TEN checkup'.  Dr. Clifford ran a series of tests just as an overall health check and she is a-ok.  So grateful.  She was afraid to have her blood taken though.... Happy one moment, then the next, "Mommy, are you sure they really need my blood??"  Yes...  Sorry bunny.  "I'm scared!!!!  Okay, then tell them we want to know my blod-type - we are learning about that in Science...."

Here is Anderson so happy at Ballet.  He used to hate going to the girls ballet - he sat there pretty bored.  But now he gets to do Tae-Kwon-Do then come back to the waiting room and he plays with his new super best friend.  They are funny, an instant connection.  They play and play and lay on the floor together and talk.  It's hilarious - we need to invite him over for a playdate soon...

"Uncle Michael, push me.  But don't do it front of Mom, she will FREAK! "

Anderson COULD NOT be happier Uncle Michael is here.  He plays with him, listens to him, he made a Lego House,  talked Tae-Kwon-Do....  We are so glad he is here!

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