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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fiddling Cabbages

St. Thomas Aquinas has a big Carnival every year and it is quite a production. Now that we are at the school, I have an entire new level of appreciation for all the work the families put in to making this event special for the kids and the adults. It's a great, great time. During the Carnival, they have a Talent Show. Right away, Ainsley Grace wanted to be a part of it - after consulting with our Violin Teacher Mrs. Kathy, she suggested we playing a little fiddling piece called Boiling Cabbages instead of one of her longer classical pieces. One skill (and it is a skill) is if you mess up, you keep playing. AG had a tiny mess up but she kept playing and no one even knew! She did a FANTASTIC job!! Here are pictures the organizer took for us..... Her friends came to watch her, it was so sweet!

Here is the Green Team tent (I'm the co-chair). It was fun and cute.

Here is the team walking to the dunking booth - AG got em good!

Here is my adorable Goddaughter with her cute hairdo and her yummy treat!

Here is my Green Team Bulletin Board. I had helpers...

Here is Lulubee with two of her besties. She hasn't had a playdate with her WRM friends since school started. It was sweet - they had a great time and played and played... That next picture is Vintage Lexi - She likes to do crazy hairdos and usually at places where a lot of strangers see us....

Here is Anderson's poster board for being Student of the Week.It was cute - he wanted a picture of Mac and Cheese, Banana Split, his brother, family, Spiderman, Ninja, swords and a soccerball with flames!

Here is Whit - A lady at the grocery store looked at him and told me, "he is juicy!"

September is crazy crazy busy. But, as you can see, it's all happy busy. Kids are working hard in school, dancing, karating, playing soccer and playing music. Now, we are gearing up for Halloweeeeeeen!!

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