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Sunday, May 19, 2013

"I can do anything better than you, better than you, bet better than you..."

Anderson can bust a move.  He loves to dance.  When I found out there was a new hip hop class just for boys his age starting at the EXACT SAME TIME his sisters were in gymnastics, it was a no brainer.  His wonderful teacher somehow managed to get these wild, loud, energetic boys to follow choreography.  They were great.   Anderson's main move as always been to sit on the floor and spin around - a natural break dancer he is.   But now he has added more moves to his repertoire.

He started the dance by standing in the middle and beckoning them out.  I had a hard time getting it recorded.  So the recordings are of the rehearsal and I did get the finale recorded...  I LOVE watching him!

I can do anything better than you, better than you, bet better than you..........  SORRY FOR ALL THE VIDEOS..... feel free to skip.  ha!

The girls had their violin recital today.  The church where they hold the recital lost power.  So you will see the wind blowing because the doors were open.  Lexi played Long, long ago with the extra bowing... I love this song.  You hear the simple version first, then they play the variation.  Sweet.

Ainsley Grace played Minuet 1.  Not an easy piece for her 2nd finger.  C natural.  She finally got it.  Precious!

 Whit layed on tables and chairs.  Here are Anderson and Daddy watching....  I love their recitals so much, I love to watch them and hear them play.  Great job sweet girls.  I know how hard you have worked.

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Talya Tate Boerner said...

Oh how cute is this! Anderson is so adorable and a great little hip hopper! And the girls - what talent! I know you are proud.