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Monday, September 15, 2014


Ainsley Grace did not have a big birthday party this year, just invited a few friends to hang out at the mall and go to dinner at the Magic Time Machine.  She had a fabulous time, we could have stayed at the mall the entire day. Girls come by it naturally!!

I remember very very vividly them handing her to me.  She was so beautiful, she was big and she already looked like a perfect little baby.  She quivered she was so tender.  Her color was so perfect, the nurse told me, "She looks like a peach."  So sweet.  Happy Birthday to one incredibly sweet, strong, funny, creative little girl.  We love you so much Ainsley Grace.

Goofy Hair session. 

Dress up!

 The Mall had a big Romance Novel setup with makeup artists, etc.  It was hilarious! And, FUN!

She loves to try on high heels.  Since I own NONE that's all she wants to do at the mall!  LOL!

 Toasting to her.  They had fun at the MTM.  It was a perfect Birthday Dinner.

Here is the picture they took.  Poor AG got the short end of the stick.  I won bigtime!  Don't I look FABULOUS as an 11 year old girl?!?!  So fun.

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