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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cakes, carnival, preschool and NJHS

Ainsley Grace loves to make cakes and cupcakes. So all by herself she made a cake to donate to the Carnival Cake Wheel and some cupcakes for the Munger Place Home Tour Cake Walk.  It was adorable.  Whit lost his mind wanting to eat them and horrified that he couldn't!

The carnival was a blast this year.  Here is me with my sweet friend Kammie.  It's our 1 year anniversary.  Oh, and Lexi and Jack's! OMG!

Here is whoopy riding the pirate ship with Daddy.

Here are the kids taking a "selfie" with Father John.  Hilarious.

Speaking of Selfies.

Ainsley Grace donated a cake and won a cake from Dallas Affairs!!!!  We totally won on that deal.  It was super yummy. But so sweet we could hardly finish.  

 Whitaker is looooving preschool. He is one tired and happy little boy when he gets in the car!  His teacher sends adorable pictures of the shenanigans in the classroom.  I LOVE THEM.  I love seeing him in this setting.... He is so extra cute. I went to a birthday party this weekend for him and 2 people came up to me and said, "My child comes home and tells me how much they like Whit and now nice he is."  Hahaha!!!! Yes I laughed out loud the first time, but the 2nd time I felt full of pride.  Maybe, just maybe the little spoiled monster that we love to indulge will be okay.  He is the biggest gift to our family....

My car got TeePee'd.  I know the culprit and paybacks are going to be BIG!

Sweet Alexandra qualified for National Junior Honor Society.  And she has already volunteered 3 hours at our home tour.  We are proud of this precious girl of ours. 

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