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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Well a large group of Alexandra's friends signed up to learn their manners via Cotillion!  I'm not sure if she learned many manners but she sure did have fun buying dresses and taking pictures.  And she learned some dance moves!  Here she is at her first dance.

They had a 50's theme.  The kids loved it. 

 Then it was on to two stepping and cotton eyed joe.  She wasn't loving me taking pictures on this one.... But she was still adorable.

On to Waltz!  Any manners, yet?  Not sure....

Finally the Grand Finale was Candlelight.  They "learned table manners," supposedly. 

Here she is with dancing with Daddy wearing his glasses.

But us parent's finally got to watch the kids dance together.  It was really fun.  She had a good experience and great times being with her friends.


Betty said...

She is so lovely, inside and out! I remember someone else having to sit at Formal Dinners to learn table manners...IT'S A GOOD THING!

How fun the dances looked. I am so proud of Stan. He is a great Dad!

Really really proud of you, recording their lives so we all can share and enjoy. Made my day! Mom/Mumsie

Betty said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing their lives with all of us!