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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkins, FB/XC/VB, Splits

AG has been running hard this season in Cross Country.  It is hard for her, it doesn't come naturally--she has to work at it.  But, she has continued to push herself.  She can now run 2 miles without stopping!

Here is my sweet volleyball photobomber.  This is one awesome girl, we are so proud of her.  Volleyball is now officially her sport of choice.  It's neat to know now what she likes and now she can focus.  Here she is with her buddy carving pumpkins.

Here is AG with our precious neighbor friend and schoolmate.  Sweet girls they are. 

The OU pumpkin was Anderson's (with help from Daddy).  So cool. 

I find piles and piles of these footballs.  100's!  Anderson is obsessed with all things football no matter the angle.  Tackle starts next year...  STRESS. #obessedwithfootball #damnconcussions

Here is the Birthday Boy.  Stan and I met 2 months before his 19th birthday.  So crazy.  So, he is 41, minus 18.  WOW, lots o years!  Here is the birthday boy's Birthday Splits.  The kids and him were happy. 

 Happy Birthday Daddy.  We love you!!!

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