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Friday, January 16, 2015


Looking for used car is a giant pain.  Looking for a car period is, especially if you have no idea what kind car you want.  After I test drove NINE cars, spent 7 months looking and almost buying a couple of times, we FINALLY found the type of car I wanted.  But, then, the next step is to find the right car for the right deal. We thought we finally found the right car, went to the dealer and took it for a test drive.  We loved it!  But after a long obnoxious negotiation period, the dealer would not come down to the price we wanted.  So, we walked out even though it was hard.  Stan said, "don't worry.  I found the same car in another part of town.  I'll go look at that one."  Sure enough, they negotiated and we were going to get an even better deal!  But, it was late at night and the guy said, "just take this car home, we will keep your car for the night.  Show it to your wife and come back in the morning to ink the deal."    It was so fun, Stan called and said he was on his way home with my new car!  I threw my coat on over my jammies and hopped in.  But, this car gave me the creeps!  It had some strange marks and it looked a little used on one part of the interior.  Then, I opened the console and low and behold, the previous owner left his cologne and his sunglasses and a strange piece of folded paper.  Ewwwwww.  And I mean Ew!  I took the cologne out and Stan and I smelled it... It lingered for a very long time.  We laughed about the Guido who previously owned this car.  Nope, this was not my new car.  Stan took it back the next day and got my minivan back.  Then, the other dealership called and said they would meet our price! :)  So, all turned out GREAT!  I had texted my sweet friend when trying to figure out which car I wanted and asked her, "Is an Escalade too flashy for me?"  She said, "NO!  They are great.  Although Kanye drives one."  LOL.  The kids thought this was hilarious and has now named my car, "Kanye."  So, introducing my new ride.  It's nice, we love it!

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