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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Santa is so good

We had a wonderful Christmas season with our silly Elves (Elfonso and Lafawnda).  Anderson is a crack detective hunting these two down.  He gave the elves a little moose this year and they seem to love it.  The kids love to do their Advent Calendar everyday.  And they helped wrap so many presents this year.  We were ready for the big man to come and sure enough, he came! Santa really surprised us this year, he was so fun!  

Here was Alexandra's picture she drew the night before Christmas.

Here are my sleepy babies coming down stairs to see if Santa came or not!


Uncle John came and visited us this year, it was awesome to see him! 

Here is grandaddy ready to start Christmas, with his reindeer antlers! ;)  AG got a Garden Gnome, it was so cute.  Whitaker loved his new robe, Alexandra loved her new blue tooth shower speaker and Anderson loooved his flat brimmed hat and Android mini.  Just so much fun for them.

Merry Christmas to all on this day of the Epiphany.  We just took our decorations down today after we celebrated the Epiphany in Mass.  Here is to a wonderful new year.

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