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Monday, August 3, 2015

Circus and Made To Thrive

The kids go to The Pines Catholic Camp every summer, but this summer Ainsley Grace was wait listed.  It was really heart breaking.  The coordinator thought she would eventually get in but it did not happen.  So, we encouraged her to come up with a list of alternative activities or something she would like to buy since we are not spending the money for her to go to camp this year.  She decided to do a Circus Camp!  AND buy a Lululemon Backpack for school!!! ;-) 

The camp was really cool, it was neat all the things they taught them.  One family traveled from Mexico just to do this camp.  Another family came in from Brazil!  It was super fun, AG said this camp "was a ball!!!!"  

My phone ran out of space so I couldn't record her demonstration with the music so I had her do it a second time using her phone.  Not quite the same but you get the gist.  The last little flippy thing made everyone take a deep breath when she did it.

The guy took pity on Whit and let him try!

We hung out with the sweet family from Mexico during the week since they were traveling.  They came to the pool with us and their 3 boys played with Whitaker a lot.  Here is AG with Valaria and her other friend.

This year was Anderson's first year to attend The Pines.  He LOVED it.  The theme this year was Made To Thrive.  What a perfect sentiment.  The Pines is  such a special place.  He told me one of his favorite things was in the chapel, he knew when Jesus was present because they lit the red candle.  It helped him know when to be even more reverent and he really liked it.  I showed him the tabernacle door at church this weekend, it's not red candle but still a visual indicator.

Here are pictures of them with their friends and with their camp counselors.

At the end of the week I had a Mom's night out and we had sooo much fun dancing and hanging out laughing!!!  But, that day we got the terrible news that our cousin Emma hurt her hand pretty badly where she had to be admitted into the hospital because of infection.  We sent her a cow and balloons.  She is so adorable even when sick.  And she is all better now.  Praise God!

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