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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Zoo trip

We love going to the Zoo.  Whitaker would go everyday if he could. Our membership was about to expire so we snuck one more trip in until we renew next year...  We went on the hottest day of the summer, but we did alright.  It was fun this last time, we fed the giraffe's.  The sad part is we were there 2 days before the baby giraffe died. :-(  But, the Dallas Zoo is the best zoo I have ever visited and we are lucky it is so close.  

 We saw a tamed porcupine.  TOO CUTE! 

The zoo has an awesome nature exchange program.  Anderson brought in a quartz crystal he had and the guy gave him an awesome lesson on the stones and let him look at it under a microscope.  Then finally, he gave him 2,000 points for it.  So, Anderson brought home a cow skull, sand from Egypt and now has 100 points left for next time! 

See you in a year Dallas Zoo!

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