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Saturday, August 1, 2015


We finally made our way to New Orleans for the big weekend of wedding festivities.  Maura said her first wedding she attended was our wedding.  It's fun to watch the circle of life.  We stayed at a super swank hotel and the kids wasted no time putting on the robes and slippers and "resting" from our long trip.  Whitaker wanted to take a bath and play in the bathtub.  haha. 

We hit the streets of NOLA and did some shopping and found a Geo cache right in the middle of the French Quarter.  It was a fun hunt. 

Later in the evening we got dressed up and went to the Reshersal and Reshersal dinner.  It was a really fun night with fantastic food and sweet and clever toasts to Maura nd Paul.  Such sweet and beautiful sentiments about their upcoming union.

 The next day we connected with our cousins and walked around some more.  The boys were a bigger scene then the street performers. ;)  The kids got their palms read and tarot cards.  It was fun! 

That night we went to a welcome party for all of their close friends and family.  It was so much fun.  Maura's friends kept asking her if she was related to Lexi.  They are unofficial twins now.  That was a great party and it was fun to bring Alexandra.  She had a great time drinking Shirley Temples and hanging out with the adults.  Her and Stan got a little crazy walking home on Bourbon Street!



Finally the big moment arrived. The wedding was GORGEOUS.  Gorgeous church, beautiful ceremony and a wonderful priest.  They will make a wonderful Catholic couple.  They are now one!  Whitaker did a great job bringing the ring down the isle. It was adorable! The reception was just as fantastic with a ton of great dancing!   

 After the reception, we took a Pedicab ride home.  It was so fun! Great time in NOLA this trip.  Congratulations to Maura and Paul! We were honored to be a part of such an important time in your life.  #onemohkepper

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Neen said...

Your visit to NOLA looked like a blast. What church was it? It was almost as people as the couple!